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Updated on Wednesday, April 9


QUESTION: I thought this guy and I had a great connection. Went out a couple of times and talked a lot.
During the Christmas break, he goes overseas. He literally did not try to contact me this whole time he was overseas. He literally fell off the face of this earth *sigh* I give up. Guess he wasn't that into me?

Going to probably see him this upcoming spring term, how should I treat/talk to him? act like nothing happened?


  1. i highly doubt he literally fell off the face of this earth.

  2. Maybe he's an astronaut. We can't just willy nilly rule things out here.

    1. 1 here, which is why i went with "highly doubt"

  3. Hmm... I think the ball is in his court. Wait for him to initiate contact.

    He may have felt a connection too, but timing wasn't right, so he didn't do anything. If he still feels the same way, he'll reach out.

    If he doesn't, and if you're still interested, wait a few weeks in the term and see if you can find a way to bump into him irl. Have a chat, keep it friendly. If he follows up, then he might still be interested.

    If he doesn't, then... he's probably not interested anymore. :(

  4. He's just not that into you.

  5. You should just try to start casual conversations or initiate a hangout?

    I can't even count how many times I have had this misunderstanding with girls. Where I hung out with them a couple times, I kind of liked them, had nothing against them, and they liked me too but waited for me to initiate everything and when that didn't happen, took it as a sign that I wasn't interested.

    Why does the guy always have to do all the work?

    (this might not be the case in your situation, but in case it is, take a shot. I know if I was on a trip overseas, I would only have time to check in with my close friends and family and won't be messaging anyone that I went on two dates with. So take some initiative and go for it! )

  6. He's not into you. Literally.