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Updated on Tuesday, April 8


QUESTION: Can someone explain the Feds structure to me?


  1. Ok so Feds is a student union, which is why the voting members are all the students of the school plus the full-time staff.

    The members elect the four Executive, who report to themselves as well as to the Board and Council, which they sit on.

    The Board is the four Executive and seven other students. At least two of them must be Councillors. The Board is responsible for all the managing of Feds, and for not putting things on GM agendas.

    Council is the four Executive plus up to twenty-something students elected from the faculties and remote campuses. Council has almost no authority which is why it's in charge of Feds clubs and services. Council also occasionally takes stances on educational policy, but never on controversial things because those should maybe be consulted on more.

    The general meetings are where the people who care (which is most of the full-time staff and a handful of students) go to vote on bylaw amendments and Feds fee increases. They also elect the Board. On occasion, a student tries to propose something be done at a GM and hell breaks loose.

    On occasion there's a referendum, which is how the students send a clear message to the GRT that they have a lot more negotiating power than previously believed.


    1. Damn, that's pretty scathing.

    2. Nah, it's just cynical. Everyone needs some cynicism every now and then :)

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