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Updated on Tuesday, April 8


QUESTION: Has anyone considered going for a three-year BMath General Regular degree rather than going for the full four-year honours degree to graduate sooner/easier? Do you know how much worse this is to employers compared to a co-op honours CS degree?


  1. Lets think like an employer:
    1) a Co-op student who has 4-5 job placements with 16-20 months experience and an honours degree (4 year academic study)
    2) a student who has a general degree (3 years of academic study)

    Seems like a no brainer to me, unless person #2 has lots of experience outside of school and professional accreditation that person #1 doesn't have.

    So yes, it would make it much more difficult to find a job.

  2. You may want to speak with your adviser, I think if you switch out on your own, you can keep the co-op, so it'll be a three year general co-op degree.

  3. Yes. I am so sick of school.

    Unfortunately I failed stat 231 last semester so I can't bitch out with a general degree now >.>

    Part of the reason I considered dropping out was work. I have two FT return offers, am already getting unsolicited recruiter calls, and have enough connections to easily net myself a job if I dropped. The only concern would be if the general degree is enough for a work visa abroad, and that's up for debate. I've heard of plenty of cases in which just having the university claim you've satisfied your degree requirements (without having a diploma) is enough.

    Anyhow, I figured I should finish my degree, so I guess I'm going to do that. Sigh.