OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Tuesday, April 8


QUESTION: Who here has a hot don? and which building are/were you in?


  1. Way back when I was in first year, I had an insanely hot don. Pretty slim, long blonde hair. Also she was super nice. Kinda wish she was my age when I met her :(

  2. had one in first year

    blue eyed brunette

    married & pregnant now

  3. Female UWP (WIN) don back in Fall 2012. She was in Kin I think, but I'm pretty sure she's graduated already.

    Male UWP (WIS) don back in Fall 2012, possible Spring 2013. He's in FARM, and I think he graduates next year. (Seriously one of the most handsome guys I've seen on campus)

  4. OP is a don that wants to know if anyone ever found him/her hot.

  5. I lost my virginity to my hot older Don, so yes!