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Updated on Tuesday, April 8


QUESTION: So I am a bit of an older student and would like to obtain my Masters once I am done my undergrad.
I am looking into business, or arts (education, politics, economy dev) Masters programs.

I really want to do it either part time (meaning it has to be at Waterloo or wlu) or online. But I am having a really hard time finding programs that are online.

Does anyone know a way to search for programs by offering type? I am just finding it difficult to dig through school websites to figure out if it is online or not as many are not up front.

My only partial success has been the University of Calgary and I am not 100% sure I understand their program set up yet.


  1. UWO has an m.ped program in curriculum studies offered through their faculty of education.

  2. There are a few I know of in the Environment faculty you can do part time:

    There is Local Economic Development (I wouldn't really recommend this one because I'm in it now and not liking it, but it could be better according to your interests).

    Another one is Environment & Business

    I don't know of anything outside of Environment since I'm trapped in my bubble, but I hope that is helpful!

  3. Thank you for the replies. Am I correct in assuming there is not centralized place to see programs across Canada? Similar to the university undergrad and college sites?