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Updated on Saturday, April 5


QUESTION: Has anyone on here gone through the accelerated Master's program for Engineering (I'm looking at Chem. Eng)? I'm seriously talking to profs right now through the basics of application and would like to hear of any relevant experience (2yr 'normal' grad experience welcomed as well!)



  1. Do you have some kind of pressing need to finish grad school early, or are you just prospecting? If it's the latter, then I'd highly recommend a URA over an accelerated master's, just so you can get a feel for what grad school is like. There's no point in doing an accelerated program unless you have a really, really good reason. It's a huge commitment for very little gain.

  2. Definitely do a URA with a prof before committing to do your Masters with them. Think of it as doing a co-op with a company before getting hired. It means you actually know what you're signing yourself up for.

  3. @ 1,2 I'm currently doing research with a prof who wants me to stay on. I enjoy the work and it is my goal to get a Master's before heading out to the workforce. I guess I'm trying to evaluate what I really get out of it - I think I have enough material to finish a masters within a year, but I'm a little hesitant to make my life hell if I could have a much more relaxing and still accomplished 2 year program. On the other hand, saving a year of my life isn't too bad of an option anyways, and choosing accelerated masters would tie me down to Waterloo.