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Updated on Thursday, April 3


QUESTION: As a student, I have the weird habit of sleeping on time (usually 10-11pm). But since at the end of the term assignments starts to pile up I'm now sleeping at 1:00 and the days after that I feel extreme tired and exhausted... How is it possible for any of you to sleep really late and still be alive the next day? I need some hints for staying awake at night and the day after.

Also coffee do not work on me; I think I'm somehow "immune" to it


  1. I wouldn't be able to do it without coffee. You could try pure caffeine or energy drinks/5 hour energies. There are also others way of staying up but less effective: washing your face with cold water, getting someone else to keep tabs on you, studying in a public place.

  2. I sleep fairly late every day (1:00 - 3:30 am). But I only start class at 11:30, booya.

  3. No such thing.

    Man up and manage your time better. This is my last term in one of the hardest programs at uw and I slept 8+ hours a night every night.

    Sleep makes you significantly more efficient when working anyway.

  4. I just don't. I'll pull late nights if absolutely necessary but I'm not going to like it the next day.

  5. I always take a nap after I'm done my lectures for the day. I end up sleeping at 1am (although I go to bed at 12am and just watch youtube vids for an hour). I can't power nap however; my naps are at least an hour long, usually an hour and a half. I also find myself immune to coffee, sometimes making me more tired than before.
    The problem with my schedule is that you wake up tired in the morning (I have 8:30 lectures everyday) and its hard to follow along. You'll end up having to review on your own whenever you feel the need to.

  6. After first term I got accustomed to only sleeping 6-6.5 hrs a night, purely out of habit. Kept it up through work terms, and now in 3A it doesn't bother me anymore. I sometimes take power naps after classes or in the 10min break between classes. I also sleep through boring classes, waking up every 15 mins or so to scrawl down everything I see on the board. Keep in mind, OP, my grades are shit, so this is probably not useful at all.

    I also have a tendency to pull 36hrs without sleep for no good reason, and then just skip classes to sleep for 12 hours straight. So nothing I'm saying is really helpful to you at all, probably, since you don't sound like the type who would be willing to skip classes to recover from an all-nighter. I could be wrong though.

    1. Probably a terrible idea to take advice from someone with terrible marks

  7. My sleeping habits when I have a ton of work are weird...I'll go to bed at 10-11pm and wake up ridiculously early like 3am. I get more done when I wake up really early as opposed to staying up really late.