OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Thursday, April 3


QUESTION: How does a student become a research assistant, in particular for political science?


  1. Go to your profs' office hours and ask! Or just cold-email profs whose areas interest you (needless to say, make sure your email is professional and convincing). Most polisci profs are really sweet and if they have funds they'd try to give you opportunities. Good luck!

  2. What level/year would they seriously consider an undergrad student assistant? Should you wait until level 3 or 4?

    1. I personally don't see the harm in at least trying during second year. At the very least you could make connections with profs that could help you get the position in later years.

    2. 1 here. My roommate in psych got hired by a prof in her second year. If the prof says you're not ready of if they don't have money in their account, don't take it personally and try again with someone else or wait a year.