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Updated on Friday, March 28


QUESTION: I went from doing well in university for over two years to being completely burnt out and "unable" to focus on school in what seemed like an instant and I don't know why. Has anyone else experienced this?


  1. Yeah I had a very similar experience. I ended up taking a year off and doing a bit of travelling and working, it was nice to have a break. That's what I would recommend to you if its feasible. Then you can return to school after with renewed interest and energy.

  2. OP, burn out is a very real thing. Since the summer is coming up, I'd definitely suggest taking at least the Spring semester off. Don't think that taking a lighter course load counts as "taking it easy" when you're already burnt out - it doesn't change anything at all (from personal experience and from the experiences of friends). Regardless of what your future endeavours may be, having a good gpa doesn't hurt. If you're burnt out and this is negatively affecting your grades, take time off. Sometimes the difference between a great semester and a bad one is simply rest.

    Of course, I'm just assuming that burn out is the cause since you stated it. It could be that you're losing interest in your chosen field, which is an entirely different issue on its own. When I went through my burn out phase, I could still see myself in my field, but recognized that a break would reinvigorate my interests.

    Regardless, best of luck OP!

  3. happened to me in high school and to lesser extents several times in university

  4. I feel like I'm burnt out right now and have been for most of the term. Some days I just don't want to get out of bed, do my assignments, etc. I just want to have 5 quiet, peaceful, stress free minutes.

    1. You should be able to carve out at least a few hours per day with some exceptions around major deadlines. There's no reason for not being able to if you manage your time. This is from someone who's done their undergrad already.

  5. Yes, this has happened to me too. Although my academics didn't suffer too much, but I felt totally unable to "concentrate" and to motivate myself. Best thing to do is, if you can, take some time to figure out what is the cause. Take more time to do things that you enjoyed doing before and start exercising!! Working out has really helped me to fight stress from academics

  6. Yes, this happened to me too. Although, it happened earlier (after my first year) and was the result of severe depression. I'm still not doing better in school, really, but by taking time off to work (yes I know it's not a real break), and by reducing courseload (extra two sems), I've been doing alright and I'm still going to graduate on time (the same date that I would have if I were still in co-op). I've thought about taking more time off but I'd rather just get my goddamn degree...