OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Monday, March 24


QUESTION: Based on a number of posts here recently... if you are depressed, how would you want someone to approach you? How would you want someone to help you get treatment which might make you feel better?


  1. I would want her to approach me and give me one goddamned reason why.

  2. It's a hard topic to approach, and it depends where the depressed person is at. For someone aware they are depressed and want to get help but too scared to, offering to go with them into health or counselling services, or even any other places in the area is a good way to support them. Letting them know you're always there while giving them the space they need, depending on their condition.

    Don't ever assume you "understand". Even IF you have depression, everyone feels things differently. Ask questions and show your interest in wanting to understand. That's more than enough.

    Honestly it might seem obvious, but the best way to approach someone depressed is to ask "how can I help you?" It's direct and they are able to tell you what THEY need, which is most important.

  3. I would want them to suck my dick brah.