OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Monday, March 24


QUESTION: CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME WITH MY PD2 REPORT?! :( Anywhere where I can find an example report?! Or how can I come up with analytical BS for Professional skills? :( THIS IS AN SMS *SAVE MY SOUL* OMG. HELP PLEASE!


  1. Email the TPAs. You can meet with them, if you're in Waterloo. It's their job to help you.

  2. no shortcuts you must suffer like the rest of us

  3. GOOD GOSH! It's only Monday.

    - You only need a 50% to pass (you could literally just submit half the report).
    - Half the pages in the report is basically the title page, reference, table of
    contents, appendix, etc.
    - You have more than a week to submit it (April 1st- y u freaking out?)
    - It's possible to BS the entire report in under five hours & still get a 70%.
    - Oh, I heard you need an example? Google these words: pd2, Waterloo, work, report, example, pdf., university, etc. [not rocket science]
    - For goodness sakes, the requirements are in the modules!

    This is all the guidance I can give you. So get your shit together! I believe in you!. Your soul does not need saving. Not to mention... it's PD, its a pass/fail. Your employer is not going to see your mark.

    1. Thanks! But I don't know what subtopics to have under my topic of professional skills is the issues. I know they gave an example table of contents but I'm not in engineering so the points there are useless to me. What subtopics are possible for professional skills is what I more or less want to know! I'm having writers block!!! SMS :(

    2. Easier than stir-fry. Go to week three of PD2 contents, and click on "Area for Exploration for PD2 Report Topics" and there you have it.

      To narrow it down a little bit further. I would say choose five of the most important professional skill an employee can have (i.e. interpersonal skills, teamwork, ethics, etc.) as your main body topics.

      Then break them down into things such as - intro summary, importance, which fields are most relevant to this skill, how they are used in your own workplace (reflection part), ways an individual can improve this skill, why it is crucial to the workplace, etc. Check out any researches conducted that show it's rank of importance.(*Put in a table or chart that show which majority of employers value which skills the most- based on a survey). As for recommendations? Suggest that companies provide team workshops and onboarding programs to improve these skills.

      Goodness gracious. Get yourself together and google "Professional Skills".

  4. They have examples on learn of how to narrow down your topic! someone is not doing their hwk. at least look there before you freak out and beg for help