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Updated on Friday, March 21


QUESTION: How do I start investing? What books/forums do you read?


  1. I thought 'I will teach you to be rich' was a good read.

  2. Step 1: Get money
    Step 2: Put it stocks/bonds/GICs chosen at random
    Step 3: Wait 10 years, and profit

    Not trolling. Look up Wall Street Journal Dartboard Contest

  3. Canadian Couch Potato,, million dollar journey

  4. go on its some of the best investing advice. Also I would recommend starting now because the earlier you start the better and let compounding work to your advantage. Buy a S&P 500 Index ETF which is in canadian dollars and then spend some time looking at stocks that interest you. Use the motley fool canada and usa's advice to look at stocks. They have excellent advice. Buy cenovus right now its super low and going to gain majorly plus decent diveden = profit! Have fun

  5. First you get the honey.
    Then you get the power.
    Then you get the women.

  6. The magic thing about investing is there is a negative correlation between time spent and profit.

    The only thing you need to learn about is proper asset allocation (what % bonds, stocks, money market) for your individual situation

    Then just buy ETFs.

  7. Lol noob. One does not simply "invest"