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Updated on Friday, March 21


QUESTION: I am a first year student and I need some help desperately. I'm most likely going to fail a class. Should I WD or get a failing grade? I have no idea what to do and would appreciate advice from any upper years. Thanks!


  1. I had this dilemma when I was in 1st year and I decided to take the WD, and I'm glad I did (I took the course again in 2nd year and ended up with a great mark). If it's a required course, you're going to have to take it again anyways, whether you failed it or have a WD. Also, a failing grade will bring down your average, whereas a WD (while still being shown on your transcript) will not affect your average.

    Before you decide to withdraw (which you'll have to do pretty quickly because I think today is the last day), make sure that there is really nothing left that you can do to save your grade and pass the course. Don't wait until it's too late, else you'll have a WF (if you withdraw after today) which is an automatic 32% I believe.

    I hope this helps a bit! Good luck, OP :)

  2. I think we might already be in the WF time period--which means if your grade is going to be higher than a 32% without withdrawing, you're better off just staying enrolled even if it ends up being a fail.

    It sucks I know, I've been in that position too.

    1. WF period begins March 22, meaning you have until tonight to decide whether or not to take the WD. Best of luck OP!

  3. um of course WD is better than a failed grade... if you are quite sure you will fail, drop the course

  4. Just take the WD. You don't need a failing/near failing mark on your transcript, it's just unnecessary. If you're planning to go on to grad school/professional school, don't worry too much about how a WD will look on your transcript. It's more common than you think for first year marks to be less than stellar. Admission committees look favourably upon grades that have an upward trend, so learn from whatever transpired and improve your mark the second time around. PS: I have several WDs on my transcripts and still got into a good grad school with excellent funding.

  5. take the WD!
    it's WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than a fail.

  6. Always WD.

    It really isn't the end of the world.

    - a grad student with like 2-3 WDs on their undergrad transcript.

  7. WD! The WF date used to come SO MUCH sooner when I was in first year and it was awful =(

    No one sensible will hold a WD against you, and it's not like your transcript says specifically when you got the WD, so it's really no big deal. I wish I could get rid of my WF from first year.

    You will feel so much better with a sucky course off your chest and then you can refocus your energy into your other courses.

  8. If you don't plan on retaking the course, a WD is better choice.