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Updated on Friday, March 21


QUESTION: Is there a way to get out of a co-op job you don't want?


  1. CECA is EXTREMELY strict about it. If it is your first or even 2nd coop, i suggest you suck it up and get a better one on your next one. if it is one of your last and this is truly important, contact the employer.

    Talk to other people who are not anonymous about this as well

  2. CECA can't force you into anything. It's your life...your decision. However, depending on the reason, it may be better to just suck it up and do it. I find that they always side with the employer and care very little about the students. Unless you have a legitimate medical or personal reason preventing you from relocating or doing the job, they'll probably blacklist you if you don't take it. I've known of people making up reasons such as they need to take care of a sick family member and making up a medical illness and getting a family member doctor to write a note and it worked for there are ways to get off scotch free.

  3. Nope your pretty much screwed.

  4. don't apply to it if you don't want it?