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Updated on Friday, March 21


QUESTION: What is your daily average diet like?
2.Afternoon etc
And how healthy/fit/in-shape are you?
Trying to see how much correlation.

1.Morning:some sort of sandwich
2.Afternoon: Spagetti or eggs
3.Evening: some sort of sandwich
4.Night: fruit yogurt
Extremely fit


  1. breakfast - macdonald's
    lunch - bk
    dinner - mel's
    extremely fit

  2. What I ate yesterday:
    Breakfast - Cereal, and half a bag of milk
    Lunch - Can of chick peas, can of baked beans, 4 eggs, carrot, apple, two cups of yogurt
    Snack - Peanut butter from the jar, protein shake
    Dinner 1 - 12 chicken fingers
    Dinner 2 - 3 chicken breasts, bowl of rice, carrot, salad, half a bag of milk

  3. Yesterday Foods
    Morning: Coffee
    Afternoon: Some sort of fruit, missed lunch
    Dinner: Potato Pancakes and broccoli

    I could lose some weight.

    1. eat more frequently. you don't need to eat big meals but if you're withholding food from your stomach for long periods of time your body goes into "yeezus save all the fat we can get" mode.
      i know it sounds handwavey but trust me. every couple of hours, throw in a yogurt, or maybe some celery sticks, a handful of nuts, a couple of triscuits with guac or salsa or whatever. your body is far more likely to relinquish its fat stores if it has a constant supply of food, no matter how little it is.
      and don't skip breakfast. eat a banana or something but fuck that's the worst thing you can do to yourself

    2. Alll of you guys need to search up "intermittent fasting." It is the best thing i came across trying to lose weight. All the eat 6 meals a day is bullshit. Google it... learn.... implement... cherish

  4. Weekdays:
    Breakfast: cereal with either coconut or almond milk, a banana and tea.
    Lunch: a sandwich, 1 cup of fruit and yoghut
    Snacks: granola bar, carrot, half a bell pepper.
    Dinner: meat, some kind of carb (normally sweet potatoes) and some kind of green veggie. Also a protein smoothie.

    constant grazing of random foods.

    I'm borderline underweight.

  5. strong protein OP... define fit. you dont sound fit with eating habits like that

  6. Breakfast: one of the following + black coffee:
    - cereal and OJ
    - two greek yogurts, apple, handful of nuts, maybe orange
    - oatmeal and OJ

    - sandwich with 4 slices of deli meat, swiss cheese, mustard
    - baby carrots
    - two greek yogurts
    - maybe orange if I didn't eat it at breakfast

    - different most nights
    Healthy options:
    - chicken and veggies
    Unhealthy options:
    - KD
    - frozen meal
    - fast food (maybe once every 2 weeks)

    Snacks through out the day:
    - nuts
    - chocolate bar in my office drawer I eat over the week
    - granola bar max 1/day

    Drinks for any meal:
    - milk
    - OJ
    - Water if nothing else
    - never pop

    I am slightly overweight, but working on it. Running when it gets warm, and at least 2 intramural teams this spring term.

    1. more info: I can run 5k, can do 200 pushups and can hold my own in most sports

  7. 1.Morning:some sort of sandwich
    2.Afternoon: Spagetti or eggs
    3.Evening: some sort of sandwich
    4.Night: fruit yogurt
    -Narcissistic bitch

  8. Breakfast: Cereal with a banana
    Lunch: Cold salad (quiona, bean, chickpea, etc) with a side of fruit and home made granola bar. Sometimes veggies and humus or cheese.
    Dinner: Usually its meat, potato, veg or pasta/rice dish

    In between meals:almonds, granola bar, cookies, yogurt

    Drinks: tea, water, milk, sometimes juice - I used to drink 2-3 pops a day so I vow never to drink pop again.

    1. Oh and I am thin, but need to build endurance and muscle strength. SO I would say I am somewhat fit.

    2. 6 here, I was the same with pop, now I cut them out. Only time is if mixing a drink or a rare occasion as a treat. Its amazing how much better I feel without pop.

  9. Breakfast: Avocado and toast
    Lunch: Usually a salad with fish or some type of meat.
    Dinner: Mostly meat or fish with veggies or pasta.
    Snacks: Granola bars, banana bread, cookies

    Sometimes...random unhealthy stuff like ramen or pizza.

    Drinks: Tea and water.

    I'd say im fit...I could incorporate more exercise in my schedule though,..but school/work gets in the way sometimes.

  10. Guess I will go ahead and be the first unhealthy person on this post..
    Breakfast: Tea with cookies
    Lunch: Pizza or pasta or something from the plaza
    Dinner: Boiled eggs, 2min noodles, pasta or something from the plaza
    Snacks: Granola bars, cookies and other stuff from CnD
    Drinks: Tea, juice, and water

    I am very thin. Unhealthy I guess but I will work on it once summer arrives

  11. Morning: Tea &/or a granola bar to go
    Afternoon: Leftover dinner (if I even made dinner the night before). Otherwise, I just eat little snacks- piece of cheese, crackers, dry cereal, cherry tomatoes, etc. (Not that much)
    Dinner: Rice with either salmon/beef/chicken + veggie dish or pasta

    Not fat or skinny or extremely fit. Just average, I guess? I have a little bit of a tummy, but you can't really see it that much, even if I wear tight-fitting clothes.

    Bonus: Exam Time? Slice of pizza at 11:30pm. Coffee and tea for the rest of the day. I just forget to eat sometimes.

  12. Morning: Coffee, hashbrown and egg & cheese on an english muffin from Tims.
    Lunch: Either a coffee with a cinnamon raisin bagel with butter and donut from Tims or a pop and udon noodles with vegetables from the place in SLC.
    Dinner: Usually a salad with hard boiled eggs, chic peas, and cheese. Sometimes a baked potato and a vegetable or pasta or veggie burger.
    Snacks: At school...chips, donuts. At home...fruit.

    I'm thin and probably slightly above average fitness. Used to workout and eat healthier and hopefully will get back into that routine once this semester is over!

  13. breakfast:
    - normally cereal w/ 1% milk or toast with jam

    - some kind of sandwich, typically ham

    - rice with whatever meat I have
    - and on most days i would also have a fruit, normally an apple or an orange

    - either a fruit or a granola bar

    on weekends I typically eat a lot more and a lot more unhealthy foods.

    I'm definitely not what most people define as average weight but then I'm not overweight either.

  14. Breakfast: Coffee, usually 2-3 cups.
    Lunch: Sandwich w/ lots of greens & meat slices
    Dinner: Some sort of protein combined w/ rice or pasta

    I have a naturally thin body, but I'm unfit in the sense that I can't last long in physical activities.

  15. Breakfast - Cereal and Milk
    Lunch - 3 Bagels w/ ham and cheese or 4 sandwiches
    Supper - meat over rice with vegetable serving or a salad (pretty large portion)

    Snacks: Typically an apple, banana, orange, yogurt and choc. chewie bar every day.


  16. breakfast- oatmeal!! or yogurt n berries
    snack - almonds, cashews, apricots, apples, banana
    lunch - hummus and avocado sandwhich, soup, or sometimes pasta
    dinner - veggie burgers, soup, sandwich, salads
    dessert - dark chocolate or sweet mango :D
    I'd say I'm overall healthy, curvy body with about 10 lbs over the "skinny" frame