OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Wednesday, March 19


QUESTION: Can anyone recommend a good place/brand of winter boots for small feet? Around 5.5 womens, bonus if they do wide width boots!


  1. In love with my Doc Martens. I swear they withstand anything. Walked through ice, snow, slush, and they still look brand new. However, depending on which style you buy, they're not very good for insulation. But they do have an original doc martens style with fur inside. That may be to your liking.

    Also, they're a bitch to break into. But trust me- after one or two weeks of blisters, they honestly mould to your feet. Now they're comfy as fuck.

  2. I love my Bogs. They are so warm, completely waterproof, and I have pretty wide feet too and they fit well enough.

  3. LL BEAN!!! They sell great boots.

    They are buy it for life. They are guaranteed to last for life and if they dont the company will repair them or send you new ones. They are a bit pricey up front, but worth it in the long run. They may be a little bit ugly but my feet have never been more warm/dry.

    I have these ones

  4. Get some army boots. They will last forever