OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Wednesday, March 19


QUESTION: Lately I have been having trouble think of questions or ways to start conversations with girls, even if the girl seems interested I run out questions or topics to bring up and the conversation dries up even though we may have a lot in common. What kind of questions or conversations starters should I use ?


  1. Music is always pretty easy. Just ask her if she's heard that new album/song by some artist you both know, and you can expand on that topic by mentioning other works/works of the same style.

  2. I would say talk about your past, like what did you do in high school or elementary school. Funny stories about your friends, old teachers, etc. Also, talk about things that are generally relatable to everyone around this age, like how you might have had Myspace, stupid things you did or said on msn messenger back in the day.

    Honestly there are so many topics: Religion, funny family stories, your ideas, their passions, the stupid things you/they used to believe when you were little (if you bury a piece of cake, a cake tree will grow. I was four and had terrible cousins, lol). Talk about your day, the places you want to work, why did you choose to study what you study, the first time you got drunk, your first kiss. Talk about views on life, talk about books, talk about Youtube videos, talk about pet peeves, where you want to travel, what you like to eat, parental stereotypes, etc.

    Lol, its a lot to take in- but I find that once I stop trying to search to something to say, if we find something to talk about, the rest just kind of flows. Usually one topic can sometimes stray to another topic. Be cool, and good luck!