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Updated on Wednesday, March 19


QUESTION: A male friend of mine recently made a move on me, even though he has a long-term girlfriend. I don't know his gf and I'm not one to start drama, so I haven't said anything. I saw him the other day and he acted completely normal. Is it weird that it makes me feel uncomfortable?? It seems like he wants things to go back to normal, but I don't really feel like hanging out with him anymore. I know people aren't perfect and people cheat (or want to initiate cheating I guess) but I expected better of him. How should I act in this situation??


  1. Not weird at all. If you don't feel comfortable hanging out with him, then don't.

  2. Perfectly accepting to stop hanging out with him.

    That's what I would do

  3. Maybe I'm old fashioned but if a person I was friends with cheated on their significant other, I wouldn't want to be friends with that person anymore.

    If they're willing to cheat, they aren't trustworthy.
    If I can't trust them, I can't be friends with them.

  4. 3, too much opinion bro/sis. People make mistakes but to label them as "untrustworthy" is a bit harsh.

    1. 3 here - Yeah I guess I have a pretty strong opinion on loyalty, maybe it's a bit harsh.

      But if someone is in a long term relationship, and they break their promise to be faithful to the person that they love, I call that untrustworthy.

      If that's not untrustworthy, I don't really know what is

  5. Tell him he shouldn't cheat on his gf and that if he's unhappy he should break up with her... Isn't that what a friend would do?