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Updated on Monday, March 17


QUESTION: Sometimes I can't help but get upset at my SO for not understanding how I feel. It frustrates the both of us and I really wish that it wouldn't happen.

I just don't know how to communicate emotionally to my SO, and they feel like all the arguments are hurting our relationship.

What do I doooo?


  1. Find a new SO. Being emotionally communicate with someone is what a relationship is. Try calmed talking to them about it, and try to find a solution together that you can both live with. Otherwise, maybe the relationship isn't worth it.

  2. I am a guy and have been in that situation. As a guy, he would try to process the arguments logically instead of as emotionally as a girl. He needs to understand that you are expressing yourself emotionally, not logically. Communicate more about how you feel to him and get him to do the same, and for him to understand that there's no right or wrong in a relationship, and many times, he has to agree with you even if he feels its logically incorrect. When trying to understand you, he should let you know that he's here for you and let you vent first. You're not looking for a solution, you're looking to vent and only after, if you seek his opinion then have him tell you.

    1. Whoa man, you should be a marriage councillor or sumshit. My parents could use this advice

    2. Great advice! I'm pretty good with this stuff but I never out it in words like this. Sometimes they just need someone to nod, say yes, then hug them and tell them you love them.

  3. Try writing it down so he can read it.

  4. Maybe there's no emotional connection between you two.