OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Monday, March 17


QUESTION: Have you ever cheated before (regardless of how minor), according to the guidelines of Academic Integrity?


  1. Come on Ukrainian. Or does the immaturity excuse still rationalize your actions?

  2. Never.

    I cheated on a test one time in elementary school. I still remember it and why I did it and that whole incident still makes me feel sour, 14 years later...

    I have zero sympathy for cheaters in university. There is literally no excuse. The only reason reason would cheat is because of grades, and if you care about grades enough to cheat, I'd hate to see how your morals come second in things far more important...

  3. I once cheated on an FR 192A assignment. We had to write half a page about our summer vacation and use three adjectives or something like that. It was so boring and so easy, so when my friend asked if she could do it to practice her French I agreed. I don't feel bad about it and I'm not even sure that I should.

  4. I cheated once during the midterm for an Arts career course, it was one of those super straightforward you either know the answer or you don't tests, I was sitting in the back with my friend in the course and we both managed to google half the answers on our phones.