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Updated on Sunday, March 16


QUESTION: My average from last semester was 40%. Do you suggest I continue or start all over? I want to know if this 40% will really affect my transcript and my final grades before grad.


  1. How are you still allowed to proceed with a failing average? Restart the semester.

  2. Start all over, how? Change majors, retake classes again?

    What year are you in?

  3. OP here. That was my 1a term. I was required to withdraw but I'm planning to petition. I'm scared that if they cancel my withdrawal and I continue, the low marks will affect my final grades when I'm graduating and getting into grad school and looking for jobs, etc. I'm an intelligent student but things really affected me last semester
    If I start over, I'd be starting my 1a term again in fall 2014. What should I do. This has been haunting me for months

    1. I'm sorry OP, but I don't think that you will be able to get back into your original program. I would start looking for another program.

  4. Honestly, you can start over but if you actually believe and/or know you can do way better then just keep going. One 1A term won't affect your serious chances to get into grad school if you can prove yourself over the next 7 terms.

  5. They won't accept your petition with that kind of average. Give up on whatever you're trying here and find something else that you're better suited to.

  6. usually with a withdrawal like that you will have to wait until the fall 2014 term in order to continue, talk to an academic advisor