OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Sunday, March 16


QUESTION: A Saudi Girl is giving all the signals to me. She has already taken me two times out for dinner. I like her but
I would not like a relationship where even kissing is taboo. Any one in a more affectionate relationship with them?


  1. Try & find out about her lifestyle. If she isn't conservative in the way she dresses & goes out to bars or clubs, she probably will have a normal relationship with you.

    Or you know, ask her.

  2. Not all Saudi's are so conservative. She did come to Canada after all.

  3. I'd imagine since it sounds like she has been doing some initiating, she may be less conservative than you are assuming. Just talk to her like a human being. "Are your parents super strict?" "Do you follow traditional Saudi roles or do you feel more Canadianized?" etc. Conversationally.

  4. Why are you asking on OMGUW? Either I am a Saudi Girl, and I will never give up our secrets, or I am not one, and can only speculate about this Other, this strange creature whose actions are dictated by culture alone.