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Updated on Sunday, March 16


QUESTION: is love at first sight possible?
I think I have a crush on a guy even though I don't know anything about him


  1. Crushes are not the same as love. A crush can happen if you're physically attracted to them :)

  2. I don't think love...but im sure you felt instant attraction to him. Being physically attracted to someone is great, but I feel like being in love also requires an emotional attraction to the other person.

  3. it isn't love at the start, but can grow into it if you do get to know him.

  4. Are you 12? Seriously, equating crushes to love is something everyone past middle school should know not to do.

  5. Not uncommon. There's a total section on this site dedicated to just that (MC's)!

  6. Like others, I say that a crush is possible but love is not.

    I'd just like to add that it can be more than just physical attraction at first sight. The guy is wearing a t-shirt of my favorite band, his hairstyle and attire is indicative of a lifestyle choice that I share, he appears to be smiling at the world just for the heck of it. He is fit and takes care of his body. Using his physical clues and my imagination I can construct a semi-real character to whom I am attracted on an emotional and spiritual level.

    1. trolololol you're gay

  7. Yes. Happened to me and my good friends gf. Lets just say we are not good friends anymore, and I feel horrible for it. (They had broken up, so its a bit better)