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Updated on Sunday, March 16


QUESTION: For straight girls and gay guys, how important is a good looking face for a guy versus a good body? (This is kind of a mirror question to the one for girls below)


  1. Well...I think how every girl defines "good looking" is different (in the eye of the beholder). Honestly...for me looks do not matter as much. As long as he has a good personally and heart, it's good.

  2. Same as 1. While a good-looking guy to me seems more approachable in the beginning, I find that sometimes even the most average of guys that I know can become more good-looking overtime the more I get to know them.

  3. 1 and 2 are completely irrelevant replies. Learn some reading comprehension.

    I'd say face > body. You can always get into shape.

    1. This isn't a multiple choice exam. It's a public forum, you're going to get answers that come from outside the box.

  4. Unless the person is exceptionally obese, body doesn't matter. Definitely have to say face.

  5. I can look past a less attractive face given a nice body. But let's be clear here, a NICE body. All in all, I think guys have it easier. Many different types of men can be considered attractive, I feel like women have it harder, in that female attractiveness is more well defined.

  6. For sexy, sexy times, it's all about the body.

    For a relationship, well, it doesn't really matter as much. I'm taking into account the guy's personality, because it's someone I actually want to be around for more than an hour every once in a while.

  7. I care about a guys face more than his body, but mostly I like if he's, like, not conventionally good-looking but fun to look at? I just like a face with a lot of character. An interesting face to look at. Whatever. I don't think I'm explaining this very well! Sorry! For guys body types I'm not drawn to guys who go to the gym loads and are super jacked, or guys who are really overweight. I just like an average body, but I can easily be attracted to a super jacked guy or a really overweight guy if they are kind and interesting to talk to.