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Updated on Sunday, March 9


QUESTION: I want to learn Japanese and/or Korean, but I don't have free slots. How hard is it to sneak into a language tutorial/lab for JAPAN 101 or KOREA 101R? Do they take attendance/ check for names/ sign-in sheet? Do they even care? For my Latin class, attendance was taken, so I'm being a bit cautious.


  1. Don't be a weeaboo

  2. the japanese classes here take attendance. you'd be noticed if you tried to sneak in. if you don't intend on actually taking the class, for japanese at least i know there's a lot of self-study material online.

    ^ that subreddit is a pretty good starting point. it should have links to all the essentials if you're interested in learning. it's not like you'd really be getting the interactive component of language learning if you were trying to sneak into the back of a lab anyway so you might as well learn online.

  3. Korean takes attendance as well. They have a component of their mark that is simply acquired by showing up. They also have tutorial sections (Japanese does this too, correct me if I have the details wrong), where TAs expand on the professor's lecture material and do example. The TAs are great, really helpful and understanding... which means they also know every student in their class. For Korean I'd recommend TTMIK = talk to me in Korean. Just google it and it will come up. Best site ever.
    Don't bother with Rosetta stone. Korean (and Japanese, obviously) have a very different language structure from English and Chinese, which makes Korean very difficult on Rosetta stone if you don't know what you're looking for. Best of luck!

  4. OP here,

    Thanks for the great advice everyone! I'll definitely check out the classes which UWCLEC offers and check out the Talk To Me in Korean site.

    I've used the rosetta stone to try to advance my French, but as an intermediate learner, I find that it presents information in a very unsystematic way. Thank goodness I didn't pay for it.