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Updated on Sunday, March 9


QUESTION: I noticed that since I started going to the gym more consistently (~1.5 years ago, 1-2 h, 6 days/week), I have lost a lot of flexibility.

I am wondering what the cause may be and how to fix this. I can no longer do the splits, and all the hardcore yoga positions :(


  1. As you strengthen your muscles you need to stretch them out just as much, if not more than you did before. As you age, it will also become more difficult to maintain flexibility.

    Make sure you spend time stretching at the end of your work outs.

  2. when you work out and your muscles break down, they lose flexibility. This is why it is important to stretch after a workout and to incorporate yoga/stretching routines into your workout schedule.

  3. I had the same problem. Stretching after workouts and a proper stretching/yoga session on rest days helps a lot. Foam rolling seems to help a bit too.

  4. Other than throwing in yoga on rest days (definitely a good idea) if you have any specific mobility issues you want to improve on I recommend going on youtube and searching mobilityWOD. Kelly Starrett is an endless source of info on the topic

  5. Stretching is a workout, remember that. Stretching has not been statistically shown to reduce muscle pain and tightness, in fact, many studies show the opposite. Massages and a proper diet are the best way to reduce muscle tightness.

    Do not stretch before. Do not stretch after a workout. Make stretching the workout.


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