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Updated on Thursday, March 6


QUESTION: Does baking soda and water actually work as shampoo? I am skeptical because I tried the apple cider vinegar rinse and it made my hair feel like straw.


  1. Yes.
    It doesn't feel the same as shampoo/conditioner though.
    And just doing the apple cider won't work if you are still shampooing with regular shampoo...

  2. If you're looking for a shampoo that doesn't have a bunch of crap in it try Lush. Their shampoos also smell a million times better than what you're using.

  3. Don't use baking soda. It will dissolve the disulphide bonds in your hair, therefore frying it just as horribly as ACV. However, ACV should be used as a diluted rinse to increase shine, not a shampoo.

    @2, LUSH has sodium lauryl sulfate in its shampoos, so it's just as commercial as regular shampoos, but they do have a higher proportion of natural ingredients.

    1. Do you even chemistry? Baking soda is nowhere near able to reduce a disulfide bond. Don't quote random pseudoscience you heard from some shampoo commercial or some pleb at a health food store please.

  4. You're not supposed to use it daily. Just once in a while to get your extra clean from product build up.

  5. OP here. I did dilute the ACV when I tried it (I used it as a rinse) but I was using regular shampoo also, so I donno, maybe I did it wrong...

  6. Hey,
    My roommate and I (males w/ short hair) use baking soda as our shampoo. My hair is as soft as always and works great as a shampoo. I used to use Head and Shoulders to help with dandruff but it made it worse. Baking soda actually helped me.

    My only tip is make sure you rinse thoroughly because i used to end up with a little bit of dried baking soda in my ears.