OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Wednesday, March 5


QUESTION: I submitted an application to work in UW Food Services. Anyone here worked at one of the cafs here before? How was your experience? And more importantly, what kind of discounts on food are we talking about here? :P


  1. Pros: On campus, flexible hours and they're very understanding about midterms and exams, decent pay, you get a free meal every time you work

    Cons: It gets very busy (as I'm sure everyone knows) and it can be quite a stressful environment, the other employees can be pretty rude to part-timers, and the students can be pretty rude as well

  2. 1 again, by the way this was the V1 caf

  3. This is OP, thanks (:

  4. I applied twice and never heard from them.

    1. Same :( I have experiences but D:

  5. Used to work at Brubakers. Same as #1 mostly...except the way meals worked for us was each shift they deducted $2.50 from your paycheck and you could kinda eat whatever you wanted (within reason).