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Updated on Wednesday, March 5


QUESTION: Just curious for anyone who's completed the Social Development Studies program and didn't get accepted into the UW social work program - what did you do instead?
I'm in second year right now, but I'm just trying to think of options instead of relying completely on the possibility of the Bachelor of Social Work program.

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  1. Hi!

    I'm in SDS, and just was accepted into the BSW. There are other places to apply to - you can do MSWs at Laurier, Windsor, Dalhousie, a BSW at the University of Manitoba. You certainly can apply for more programs.

    As a person in second year, you still have plenty of time to increase your likelihood of success. The biggest thing you can do for yourself right now is start getting a lot of volunteer experience.

    Other options include related grad school, for instance M.A. in counselling or psychology.

    Finally, you can in theory find a job with an SDS degree - I know that for
    instance Children's Aid in Toronto will hire with a non-social-work social science degree.