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Updated on Wednesday, March 5


QUESTION: I've never really worked out before and I'm a little intimidated by the gyms on campus. All I want to do is some cardio. Would someone explain the process?


  1. Nothing hard, just go to the gym, change, do your cardio, then change back and leave. =)

    Both CIF and PAC have bikes/treadmills, though I believe CIF has more (and is more busy).

  2. Step 1: Go to CIF.
    Step 2: change into workout clothes, this entails shorts and a short sleeve shirt/tank. You will also want to wear running shoes.
    Step 3: Walk into the gym. Make eye contact with NO ONE.
    Step 4: Stop right inside the door. Turn. Drink some water while you calm your nerves.
    Step 5: Look to your right. You'll see several treadmills. The row behind these is bikes. These are what you want to focus on.
    Step 6: Work out.
    Step 7: When you've workout out for a while, you must stop working out, and leave.
    Step 8: Change clothes.
    Step 9: Go home.

  3. I recommend going at 7-10 AM or after 9 PM, if you want to go during the weekdays. It is less crowded then and easier to acclimatize without a lot of people packing the area.

  4. you don't need to go to the gym to do cardio.
    shadowboxing for example can be great cardio and can be done at home.

  5. Also, there's not much to find intimidating. People are generally just focused on their workouts. Just make sure to bring some water and probably a mp3 player to help pass the time.

    Hope you have a good workout. It can be daunting at first, but it'll become mundane in no time.

    1. This... I was super intimidated when I first started going to the gym. But it's basically the same people every day and none of them really ever look at you. They also don't really even care what you're doing

  6. My advice, in addition to the good stuff people are saying above:

    Don't just do cardio! You must incorporate some sort of strength training into your routine, regardless of your fitness-related goals.

  7. Just get Insanity Fitness and workout in the comfort of your own bedroom