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Updated on Monday, March 3


QUESTION: What kind of job can I get with my honours economics degree? I'm not in coop and I am wondering if it's a waste of time.


  1. If you have the grades and can stomach it, go to grad school and get your MA in Econ. The opportunity cost is small (programs are usually 8 or 12 months in length), more doors will open up for you, and your salary will be higher than if you had just stopped at a BA in Econ. Not saying that an MA = guaranteed success, but it definitely increases earning potential at a relatively low cost. Other graduate programs you can look into that are related to econ are Masters of Public Policy (MPP), Masters of Public Administration (MPA), Masters of Finance, Masters of Financial Economics, or MBA.

    If you're not into doing anymore school, a common route for econ degree holders are finance/bank jobs. However, without co-op/some related summer internships/connections, it's definitely harder (not impossible) to get a job straight out of school. Realistically, be prepared to be job hunting for a couple of months after graduation.

    And if you're still in the early stages of your degree and are contemplating whether you should switch into another program, it really depends on what the other program is + what your goals are. Figure out what your preferences are and maximize your utility ;)

    Best of luck, OP!

  2. You need to get co op jobs or internships.

  3. good luck couldnt get a job in IT sucking dick with an econ degree

  4. i got a good job in sales and trading from econ coop. do the coop program if you can.