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Updated on Sunday, March 2


QUESTION: Has anyone ever convinced a prof to shift over some of the weight of the midterm over to the final exam? What was your reasoning?


  1. I've done this about five times, just ask honestly and most profs will consider it (experience from applied math)

  2. I had food poisoning

  3. I was 1 hour late to a midterm that was 1.5 hours long. I told the prof the honest reason; I remembered the wrong time. I asked the prof if I could do something to make it up (like a project/essay) and she told me that she can shift the weight to the final. However, she agreed to it because it was the second midterm of the course so my final still wouldn't be 100%. Also I did very well on my first midterm so she understands that I wasn't just looking for an excuse.

    1. What class was that? Prof sounds like a huge pushover, forgetting a midterm is fucking retarded.... how will you survive in the workplace