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Updated on Sunday, March 2


QUESTION: I'm planning to take an online course in humanities (including ENGL, ARTS, FINE, HIST,MUSIC,PHIL and language courses) during coop term (to fulfill a requirement on electives for my CS major). I wonder what are some good courses to take? I prefer those that are at least one of:
1. useful if I want to become a mathematician/computer scientist/scientist
2. Either no essay writing or don't care too much about grammar
3. Easy (in the sense that not much art-y stuff in required, so essay is considered hard and solving equation is considered easy)
4. Somewhat related to math


  1. Cognitive Psych (Psych 207) - I took it on campus and it was 4 MC midterms, not sure about online

  2. Classical mythology. It satisfies #2 and 3 on your list.

    @1: I don't think psych is considered a humanities course. (It's a social science)

  3. PHIL 145 - Critical Thinking

  4. PHIL 240 - Formal Logic. Marking is just based off of homework and tests (i.e., no essays) and it's probably the closest to math that you're going to get in humanities.

  5. I'm pretty sure PHIL 240 is not allowed for math students and I'm assuming OP is a math student. I'm not sure if Patricia Marino will be teaching it next term but she teaches Philosophy of Mathematics, it's not very applicable to anything but it's interesting and related to math.

    Other than that, I like roman and greek history or some other philosophy course. Only PHIL course I know that didn't have essays was Critical thinking though.

  6. OP here, thanks for replying, another question:
    What are the course load of above suggested courses? Do they have an exam, if so is it online or on paper?

    1. Classical mythology has one (or two? Can't remember) midterm and an exam. All in person and all multiple choice.

  7. @OP: don't be a bitch and don't waste time with a trivial humanities course. Go take a 3rd or 4th year course in history or English or something. (Areas like history and phil might need a bit more background.) It's good for you.

    You may hate essay writing now, but you can't seriously believe you're never going to have to write over the course of the rest of your life, do you? All jobs, regardless of how highly technical they are, have a writing component. Better to learn the skill now while fucking up doesn't matter.