OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Sunday, March 2


QUESTION: Has anyone worked for Scotiabank (Business Analyst) or Canadian Institute for Health Information? Can you pleaaaase tell me what the salaries are, Scotiabank I forgot to ask and CIHI I had no time left to ask about it.



  1. Don't ask about salary in the interview lol

  2. Banks pay less in general to interns. They have a pay chart for interns and coop that they do not deviate from. The pay you will get in a bank as a coop is MUCH different than fulltime.

    So if salary is all you are after Scotia is not a good idea. - present scotia coop

    1. This may vary depending on what area you're in. I've worked at scotia in global banking and markets (the capital markets/investment banking part), and they do have a chart which generally matches up to the top of the pay scale. I got around 1k a week on my fourth co-op there.