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Updated on Sunday, March 2


QUESTION: Say you have an idea relating to the University life and campus. How do you go about getting your proposal to the important staff members who might be able to implement this idea?


  1. I'd start by talking to Feds.

  2. You talk to them directly. Try to set up a meeting.

  3. Depends on the scope. Your faculty student union should be familiar with the hierarchy of UW staff/administration and should be able to tell you where to go from there, or offer you advice on you idea pitch. Not sure if all student unions would be as keen on this as mine (engineering) but we love when students bring ideas to us! Also we can tell you if the idea has already been pursued in recent memory and what the outcome was, so its useful to get a team on your side rather than go it alone.

    I would advise against Feds right off the bat because of the nature of their organization. Your student union will likely be able to address it sooner and point you to Feds if it does indeed warrant their involvement.