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Updated on Thursday, February 27


QUESTION: What's the difference between friends with benefits and "in a relationship?" That you get to sleep with other people?

What if its an "exclusive friend with benefit?" Isn't that the exact same thing as a relationship? You hang out, you have sex?


  1. omg ive always wondered the same thing. i have no fucking clue. to me, its the same shit, just gives both parties a cop out excuse if they are using the person for sex and someone develops feelings.

  2. I have commitment issues, please let me be in my exclusive fwb relationship. Also, another reason for my exclusivity is health wise it just makes things more simple.

  3. Relationship: you have both physically and romantically monogomous. So you both agree there are feelings there that you want to develop as well as having sex. It's also understood that you aren't romantically interested in other people so there should be no emotional cheating. You treat and respect each other as romantic partners

    Exclusive FWB: you are physically monogamous. So for health reasons you agree that you only want to be having sex (or whatever was agreed upon) with each other. This means no emotional exclusivity but you can feel safer about not getting any STIs. You can flirt with other people and not as much emotional involvement is needed. You treat and respect each other as friends only.

    Of course this is just my definition of the difference. Everyone else had different comfort levels and I assume discuss all this with their partner to make sure they're on the same page.

  4. Hmm I would say that a

    Relationship : Is what was stated above...monogamous relationship basically with respect, commitment and certain expectations to be met

    FWB: Is someone you have sex with and no other commitments or expectations what so ever...just a regular person to hook up with when they/you want one day they can be with you and the next day with someone else and you have no say and also should expect nothing serious to come out of it

    Exclusive FWB: You determine with the person that you are only going to be with each other but you should not have expectations on how often you will see them, what they are doing in their life, basically just one regular person to have sex with No Strings Attached

    Just my opinion as well

  5. I dislike the term "friends with benefits". It sounds so juvenile... it usually refers to what I would call a casual relationship, which can be exclusive or not. The only difference is the amount of commitment, really.

  6. If you're having roommate problems, or bffl problems, or family problems, and you can talk to your exclusive-FWB about it and can be held when you start crying, you're in a relationship.

    If you can't, you're just fuck buddies.