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Updated on Thursday, February 27


QUESTION: Anyone took PD8 or PD9 courses?

I've got one more PD to finish them (done 6 and 7), I am thinking about taking PD5 unless 8 or 9 is easy.



  1. PD 8 is easier than PD 5 due less content and graded work. I don't know about PD 9.

    1. I felt that PD 5 was easier, but I already took some MSCI-type courses so there was overlap. PD 8 requires more BS'ing IMO.

  2. I've taken PD 5 and I'm currently taking PD 9.

    PD 5 to me felt like an extremely boring and tedious course because I felt I learned everything the course was supposed to teach me within the first 10 min of the first lecture I watched. To me, that is not how a course is supposed to let you learn and as a result, I really despised doing the work.
    It does have some good messages, but I would personally not really recommend this course. I did get something out of it, but I wasn't really happy with the learning experience.

    PD 9 so far feels exactly like an arts philosophy class (which it was designed to be if I understand it correctly) and it does make you think. I'm enjoying the material but I do find the course work a little tedious sometimes. In overall design and what I'm actually learning, I like this course WAY better as opposed to PD 5.

    In terms of the actual nature of the course work between the two courses, I would not recommend PD 5 if you're looking for something that doesn't have "long" writing assessments. Everything I've encountered in PD 9 so far has basically been short answer and mini-games (where you're faced with a choice). PD 5's longer writing assessments were just things I had no patience for.

    All in all, I would recommend PD 9 over PD 5.
    I unfortunately haven't taken PD 8 though so I can't help you there.
    Good luck nevertheless!

  3. I'm doing PD 8 right now and it's pretty easy. Just learn random little cultural things, not many assignments and they've all been super easy.

  4. I did PD8 and it was the easiest PD course I've ever taken. I don't remember if there was a final or not since I didn't take it. You can pass the course without writing the final.

  5. Definitely take PD8. It was not only easy but interesting. You learn about different cultural aspects of the workplace that you can actually apply to work. And as most people have said above, I'm pretty sure there were around 7 or 8 small assignments/ quizzes/ short answer things and I only had to complete the first 5 to pass.