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Updated on Thursday, February 27


QUESTION: What are some cool and fun things to do on a date in Waterloo? (Not dinner or clubs or ice skating in uptown or mini-golf) Something unpredictable?



  2. Go see some live music. At the Jazz Room in uptown, Maxwell's Music House, or the Pyrus.


  4. laser tag, whoooooooo

  5. get drunk and run around town

  6. Waterlooian for 19 years here:

    -The Clay & Glass Gallery has FREE admission!

    -The Butterfly Conservatory is about an hour away but it's really nice and perfect for more romantic dates.

    -Grand River Rocks is a really good indoor climbing gym. They have a boulder too so you don't need to know how to belay or anything to get started. It's $14 for a day, but the price gets cheaper if you get a multi pass.

    -Bingeman's just opened a bowling alley with a Boston Pizza in it that's sooooo nice and huge, holy shit. It looks like a club in there. The downside is that everything is really expensive and it's a bit of a drive. Also, they shut down the old-school Waterloo Lanes in Uptown because they lost so much business to Bingeman's so I don't know if that would factor into anyone's decision but I'm just putting it out there.

    -Roller derby seems to be decently popular here. Not too sure where/when they play.

    -The forest, as mentioned before. I have a really nice spot in the mini UW forest that I would tell you about but as far as I know I'm the only one that goes there so find your own spot! :P There's plenty of nice sitting trees if you follow the rivers. A good date idea would be having a picnic in the forest.

    -The Erbsville go kart lanes.

    -For tobogganing, Westmount golf course has the best hills and it's massive. Also, it's really close to UW.

    -Buy a telescope from KW Telescope and go on stargazing dates! Especially if you can drive out far away from the lights. Trust me, it's super romantic and you won't regret it (sex under the stars is definitely an experience worth having).

    -The KW Symphony is fantastic if you're into classical music.

    -Or, my own personal date suggestion that doesn't involve going anywhere or spending money would be to build a giant blanket fort that covers your whole room/apartment.

    Hope that helped!