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Updated on Tuesday, February 25


QUESTION: Any good date ideas in Waterloo? All I can come up with is dinner, and a movie, which gets old fast.


  1. Check out the KWAG (Kitchener Waterloo Art Galler), the Clay and Glass Museum, or The Museum. Those are all easy, cheap/free date ideas. Try the farmers market when it gets warmer. The Laurier Music program hosts Noon Concerts every week that are free, if you want a daytime date.
    I always enjoyed going into downtown Kitchener (take the 7 bus) and walking along the main strip. there are tons of second hand stores that are fun to check out, as well as a great selection of restaurants and bars.
    Hit up Kareoke night at Chainsaw, or watch the game at Morty's.
    Bingemans has an amazing new bowling ally. There's a lazer tag place about 15 minutes away if you take the highway. Somewhere in Cambridge there's an 'adventure room' place where you get locked in a room for an hour and have to try to solve the puzzles to get out before the time is up. There's tubing as well as skiing/snowboarding at Chicopee.

    There's so much to do! though, i'll admit, it does help to have a car :p

  2. Check out The Art Studios, a paint-your-own pottery place, or go skating together! :)

    1. My girlfriend and I go there often. That place is the shit! :D Would definitely recommend this for a date. Lots of fun, lots of time to talk with the other person (*cough* movies *cough*), and every gets something cool out of it!

  3. Go to the Computer Science Club.

  4. Don't go to the computer science club, go chill with math nerds and boardgames.

  5. For spring/summer: get icecream and walk around in Victoria Park.

    You could do a sports date at the PAC or CIF. For $7, you can use the bouldering wall in the PAC all term. You can also play badminton for free at CIF during the day I think, you just need your watcard and rackets/birdie.

  6. Skating at uptown then DVLB for scotch or coffee after is my go to. My girlfriend loves it and it's pretty close and easy.

  7. Go skating at uptown waterloo!

  8. Perimeter Institute lectures. They are free, but you have to reserve your tickets as soon as they become available. They usually sell out within minutes.

    Free swing dancing lessons at Hep Cats in Uptown.

    In the summer, swimming at the Elora Quarry, or hiking or tubing along the Elora Gorge.

    Neruda Arts has some lovely international musicians giving concerts in our community.

    The Jazz Room at the Huether Hotel has jazz concerts. The sound technician there is great. I can always hear everything, but it isn't too loud.

    Kwartzlab, a local makerspace, has open nights on Tuesdays. They have an artist in residence whose work is on display, and they have lab space and tools you can use to work on a project. Sometimes they have workshops.

    Something simple like walking through Waterloo Park can be nice too.

  9. Hot air balloon rides are $150/person. I think the company is named Sundance.

  10. Tips applicable for every city:

    1. City website: search out popular tourist attractions, there's a reason that they're attractions, normally there's something fun/exciting about them. They also upcoming events in and around the city, like festivals, and carnivals.

    2. Groupon/Teambuy/LivingSocial for good deals, and a lot of good featured coupons feature activities people wouldn't normally try

    3. Yelp: helps with restaurants

    4. Think of the person your dating, where does her friends/roomates' boyfriends take them? trust me people compare notes, if you consider fast food a date and her friends regularly go on adventures...

    5. what are the person's interest? what kind of music do they like? any concerts in town? What kind of hobbies do they have? Would they enjoy a 5k run for color me rad? or a romantic movie in with good wine?

    Fail safes for dummies:
    >cambridge: horse drawn carriage ride
    >hot air balloon ride
    >wine tastings
    >butterfly conservatory
    >african lion safari
    >go karting
    >tubing/ziplining at chicopee park
    >activities: build an igloo together, rock climbing, 1v1 sport (badminton, tennis, basketball, ping,pong)

  11. If you like theatre, KW Little Theatre is the local amateur group, and they stage various productions, some contemporary some classical. The Theatre at the St. Jacobs Outlet mall often has musicals, and is part of the Drayton Entertainment theatre group.

    We're pretty close to Stratford, which has some of the best Shakespearean theatre in North America. I recommend going this summer to the Stratford Shakespeare Festival see Colm Feore play King Lear. (He's one of my favourite actors ever.) There are discounts for people under 30 years of age, and there are sometimes buses direct from Kitchener-Waterloo on particular days, so you don't even kneed a car.

    There are monthly Ceilis in Victoria Park Pavillion with fiddle music and dancing. You don't have to know how, they teach you right there.

    There are festivals of various sorts, mostly in the summer. The jazz festival in July, the busker festival in August, for example.

    There are trails through the city and along the Grand River. Going exploring or taking photographs could be an activity.

    I once enjoyed going on a date to the local history room at the Kitchener Library. We looked at the old maps on the wall and had some insights into how the roads used to make more sense than they do today.

    There's the tourist train that goes to St. Jacobs in the summer, from Waterloo Park.

    There are lectures at more places than the Perimeter Institute mentioned above. The universities often have interesting speakers in. Some lectures are mentioned in the Daily Bulletin. Some appear on department webpages, for example the architecture lecture series in Cambridge. Wordsworth Books, the independent bookstore in Uptown Waterloo sometimes hosts authors for lectures and book signings.

    There's The Museum in Kitchener. It has some interactive displays for children (that can also be fun as adults) and usually an exhibition of some kind. Sometimes events are hosted there. I remember going to a Harry Potter party there when the last book came out.

    There are often activities happening in the Waterloo Public Square. There's a schedule on the city website.

    You could go to city council meetings, to learn about what's happening in the community.