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Updated on Tuesday, February 25


QUESTION: What do you ladies think of foot fetishes?


  1. doesn't bother me at all. but then again, i'm kinky, so as far as fetishes go, feet are pretty tame haha.

  2. So over it.
    My ex was obsessed with feet to the point I started hating having sex with him.
    If it is moderate and not all the time, that is fine. But jesus christ, every single time was way too much.

    1. honest curiosity here (im a girl) what exactly did this involve??

    2. ^Sometimes I would give him "handjobs" with my feet, other times he would put his toe in my butt... other times I would "jerk" his big toe, it just became crazy after a while

    3. I am 2,
      2.b wasn't me.

      It was a touch thing, he had to feel them. Footjobs, or have toes in his mouth, pressed on his face. I guess it was a bit of a domination thing too, he liked me "standing" on his face or chest (not my whole weight obviously).

      It was just not my thing.

      My current and long term guy also likes feet but at a more reasonable level. He just wants to hold them if I am on top sometimes, or whatever. I can handle that.

  3. I personally find feet gross and having it incorporated into sex would be a big turn off for me.

  4. OP when you say foot fetish, I bet all the girls are thinking about man feet.

    I'm into girl feet. I don't want you to do anything with MY feet. I just wana to nasty things to/with yours.

  5. When I think of feet I think of germs. Walking in the bathroom with bare feet = germ central. Gross. Floors are not the cleanest surfaces even when they appear to be clean.

  6. OP here.

    @5 Yeah, I'm thinking of women's feet, not men's. I can imagine men's feet aren't that appealing =P

    @2/2b That does sound a bit too "adventurous". I had tamer things in mind: foot massages, kissing, biting, things of that realm.

    @6 The feet would definitely have to be washed and clean =P