OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Tuesday, February 25


QUESTION: A question for TAs who have process scantrons before; generally, how long does it take for a scantron to be processed and registered into a computer, individually?


  1. About 10-15 mins for machine scanning, then another 5-10 mins on the computer to load the data and do some manual editing (e.g., missing student #, double answers, etc.).

    1. Does it still take a long time to book the machine to scan the tests or is that only for final exams?

  2. My mom is a prof so I asked her this before. Like 1 said, it takes a few minutes to scan, but the wait to scan them is a lot longer. I don't know how UW does it, but at my mom's university they have to take them to a specific office to have them scanned. Depending on how busy it is, it can take anywhere from same day, to a few business days to get the results.