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Updated on Tuesday, February 25


QUESTION: Anyone have experiences, good or bad, with local tailors or seamstresses?

I'm looking for a good tailor or seamstress that can do repairs on clothing and sheets. I am allergic to perfume and smoke and dry-cleaning chemicals. So I'm looking for a person who works in a fragrance-free, smoke-free environment that is not at a dry cleaner.


  1. Bart and Marias in Uptown Waterloo

    1. Sorry I meant to add: I've been happy with all the work they've done for me and they are the cheapest I've found for that quality.

  2. Whatever you do don't go to mark nunes. Went there once and dealt with him specifically and he was really rude to me and my mother because we needed something altered last minute. He took the garment, said he could have it done in time but then snapped at us saying we should have come earlier if we wanted it to be altered for the date we requested..uncalled for since we were giving him business. It was a weird experience and I'd never go back to his company. There is a place in westmount plaza by the TD bank that is very affordable - not sure if perfumes and such are an issue there.

  3. There's a place downstairs in King 22 south I always go to. They do a good job, too.

  4. Go to any place which has a person who speaks English well. I say this because if you communicate to them clearly your personal repertory health requirements then they will likely make sure to abide by them. Your requirements might be lost in translation to someone who doesn't speak the language well.

    Otherwise, my understanding of the business is that it is all outsourced. The store fronts accept the items, and then they send them out to different freelancers based on availability. Your clothes are usually sent to someone's home, where they mend and tailor them personally, and then sent back. This is why some mending and tailoring takes about 3 to 5 days: they have to wait for the person to come and pick up the work, do the work, and then come and drop it back off. So if you let them know that their freelancer needs to be fragrance and smoke free then they can find someone for you specifically.