OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Tuesday, February 25


QUESTION: How reliable is I mean even if it's all inclusive, how far are the resorts from the airports? Does it cost a lot for the transportation? Any stories would be welcomed.


  1. I used a few years ago and had no problems. Transportation to the airport is covered and the hotel description will tell you how far it is from the airport. If you can't see how far it is from the airport, look up the hotel on another website. Try as well.

  2. I used redtag two years to go to dominican. The travel from airport to resort was included, but if it is not the price would depend on the location. Always go shuttle bus instead of taxi, as it is cheaper and the taxi is more likely to rip you off.
    All inclusive does not automatically mean the transportation is included. It usually refers to food and drink. Feel free to call their info line with questions, they pick up quickly and are very friendly.
    I would also suggest looking up the resort's website separately from redtag's description. :)