OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Monday, February 24


QUESTION: By the end of this year's Spring Term, all of my friends are either on different streams (I work, they study), or they are going on exchange. What are some clubs/activities I can do around campus to meet new people and new friends?

I'm a pretty out-going person, but making long-lasting friends is kind of hard. Asking them to hang out or texting them after I just met them, makes me feel like a creeper.



  1. You are not alone, dw it will work out

  2. Join a cappella! It runs in the summer and you'll have the whole term to get to know people. Everyone's really nice and I've met long-lasting friends.

    If you're in Math, (or even if you aren't honestly) join mathNews! They also run and I've made long lasting friends there too.

    If you don't like writing or singing, my advice would be go to Clubs day and find one you like. I really have found that clubs are one of the best ways to make friends, and you'll have multiple meetings so you won't feel like a creeper if you wait a couple before asking them for the number or to hang out.

    You could also try just striking up a conversation with somebody. If you do it when they look receptive (not studying/working, not on their way somewhere, etc) and in a non creepy manner (innocuous topic) you might just make a friend. If it's not something that could be construed as flirting, you're probably more likely to get a positive response. It may still be "creepy" to ask to hang out after that, but if you get a good conversation going who knows? This may take a few tries though, as not everyone is outgoing enough.