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Updated on Wednesday, February 19


QUESTION: Any suggestions on finding housing during the Fall term for only 4 months? I've started searching already but no luck!:(


  1. Wait a little longer. Once more people get co-op jobs, there will be more postings.

    But with that said, it's really hard to find 4 month sublets for fall. You might have to settle for an 8 month lease and sublet the room out in the winter.

  2. wait until late may/early june, thats then sublets start coming out

  3. In my experience with two fall sublets, start looking in May/June because before then, everyone is looking for summer sublets. However, most opportunities won't show up until end of July/August, and you may be able to negotiate an 8 month lease to a 4 month because some money is better than no money. You have to be patient and not only confine yourself to one area though - i.e. just look for somewhere on Lester. Also depends on your budget, as in the higher your budget the more likely you can find a place (if 8 month you could offer to pay more than they're asking per month if you can only have a 4 month lease).

  4. You may have to look a little farther, such as in Kitchener. There are a lot of places around there because the pharmacy kids go on coop in the fall. I lived in a great apartment in downtown Kitchener for fall semester and loved it.