OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Wednesday, February 19


QUESTION: any dentist suggestions of where to have your wisdom teeth removed?


  1. Dr. Cooperband on Erb St.
    He did mine (over 5 years ago), and it was flawless. I had 4 compacted wisdom teeth removed under full sedation. I had no swelling and was eating solid food after 1.5 days.

    Biggest tip though - get the tylonel 3 prescription in advance or get a friend/parent to fill if for you while you are under. My sister had to wait 2 hours after surgery for my mom to go them. I had one of her left over ones right after I woke up and I felt no paid, unlike my sister.

  2. Lots of people have bad things to say about Campus Dentist, but the oral surgeon they bring in for wisdom teeth extraction is fantastic.

    He finishes the procedure quickly and excellently. He did all of mine (2 per 2 separate appointments, months apart) and I was in barely any pain. Iced my face for a bit after the second procedure but didn't use the T3s that were prescribed.

    Morning may be bad regardless if you sleep on your side and your face is squished on the pillow.

  3. Dr. Wallace was great! Got all 4 of mine out with him, he and the nurses were fantastic.

  4. how much did you guys pay per tooth?

  5. Coronation dental are great.

  6. I highly recommend Dana Colson and associates in Toronto.