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Updated on Wednesday, February 19


QUESTION: Do you expect your SO to stop looking at porn when you begin dating?

I have heard some women talking about this recently and they feel pornography is down right wrong and detracts from the attraction the man should have for her, and only her.

Your thoughts? Feelings? What about women looking at porn?


  1. As a girl, I have never had a problem with SOs looking at porn. I feel like girls just think it's wrong if they're insecure about whether or not their SO loves them and only them.

    To me, masturbating/porn is pretty natural. I know all guys do it and most girls do too. Watching porn doesn't mean you want to cheat or have sex with someone else, it's just a way to let off steam when alone.

    1. I am also a girl, and I completely agree with you. I came here to pretty much write the same comment.

  2. I don't care about my boyfriend looking at porn. It used to bother me a lot more with my first boyfriend at ~16. Now, I think that girls who care about their SO watching porn are insecure.

  3. Don't care about looking at porn, it's 2014

  4. It's porn, let them look.

  5. Don't care about my SO watching porn or masturbating.

    From a practical standpoint, I can't be physically present every time they feel horny, and may not always be in the mood if I could.

    The only way I could foresee it being a problem is if my SO compared me to what they saw in porn or expected me to do things I don't necessarily want to just cause it was in porn.

    As for women looking at porn, I think it's ridiculous if someone thinks it's not okay, especially if they think it's fine for males.

  6. I personally don't watch or like porn. However, expecting your SO to cease watching it just because they're in a relationship with me or anyone else is ridiculous...

  7. I probably have at some point in time watched more porn than any of my boyfriends in the past lol

    - A Girl

  8. I can see why some girls say that, it seems that porn conditions a lot of guys to have unrealistic expectations about sex and tends to downplay the romantic side of it. It makes guys more just about the physicality of it rather than the connection between two people.

    I've been with a regular porn watching guy and the sex was just eh. Physically satisfying but very much just going through the motions.

    I recently was with a man who doesn't watch much porn at all, the sex was incredibly erotic (sorry if that's tmi). He was a beautiful lover, he made it a point to tell me that the key was to really feel everything.

  9. One of the biggest issues that I had with my boyfriend was his interest in porn so it made me really happy when, out of respect for my feelings, he decided to stop watching it. I think it's hard to see who the man you love finds sexually attractive when those people are so different from you (e.g. huge breasts). I wouldn't like it if he told me about how he was attracted to other women so why am I expected to like it if I know he's jacking it to them?

    Summary: it's okay as long as I have absolutely no idea that he's doing it, though I would prefer if he didn't.

  10. As a woman, I don't have a problem with it, and even look at some porn myself.

    However, I would be appalled if someone was using porn as their main means of sex education. Being knowledgeable and well read on the topic is sexy! So is listening carefully to your partner.

  11. Using porn to get off = ok

    Using porn as a guide to real sex = disaster