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Updated on Wednesday, February 19


QUESTION: Does anyone else gain weight during exam time?


  1. I forget to eat when I'm stressed and then lose weight.

  2. Yes oh yes my dear.
    I eat to procrastinate

  3. Yes. My unofficial study has concluded that chocolate boosts my marginal productivity by 100%. Words of wisdom: you can lose the weight but not the grade ;)

  4. Yes, my method with deal with exam stress is ice cream before and after the exam... and then anytime in between where I feel I need to relax.

  5. I lose weight typically. During exams i pretty much have to stop going to the gym and there's not much time to prepare proper food

  6. It's been up and down for me.

    During first-year, I used to eat a lot during midterm and exam season since the V1 cafeteria was always open until 12am and all-night during finals. So there was always access to food whenever I needed an excuse to take a break. I ended up gaining over thirteen pounds by the end of the Winter Term (the most I've ever been).

    However, during my second year I didn't have the liberty of having a cafeteria two minutes away from my room anymore and had to prepare and buy my own food. By the time midterm and exam season rolled around, the contents of my fridge/cabinet were usually empty since I was too busy and didn't want the hassle of busing to a grocery store. My appetite shrunk after a couple of weeks to a point where I only ate if I remembered- which usually concluded to an 11pm trip to Campus Pizza, and that was my meal for the entire day.