OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Tuesday, February 18


QUESTION: I have a crush on a younger guy in my program and I can't stop thinking about him. But we have no common friends and there's no way for me to really get to know him without it becoming obvious. What can I do to see if there's any chance that he likes me too?


  1. Make it obvious, just keep your friends out of it if you don't want them finding out.

  2. Just go talk to him... duh.
    Get to know him. Ask about things he likes and see if you share common interests. You may even find that after actually getting to know him, you don't really like him at all.
    Or he might be a great person, who knows. Just talk to him.

  3. Dress sexy. Bend over lots. His little male brain will go - whoa, look at dat booty! Then he'll start to be more friendly. Then suck him off. He'll get the point.

    1. I'd dis you but on further reflection I think the success rate on something like this would be over 80% for anyone who's over a 6/10 (in the short term).

      We really do have little brains...

    2. Not even funny what a girl can make a guy do sometimes