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Updated on Thursday, February 13


QUESTION: How do you move on from your ex when you, your S.O and their new S.O. is on the same sports team?

I can't leave because it's my favourite sport and it's a huge part of my social life, but I have to see them at least 1-3+ times a week...

My S.O. already told me that they'll try to be more cautious in front of me (not pda i guess..), but it's so difficult being constantly reminded of them. What can I do? I can't get my S.O. out of my head and it hurts to see them together


  1. Don't give up the sport.
    But you need to move on from this person. Take some time to remember the good times, to remember the reasons you were with the person. Then consider the aspects of the relationship that didn't work and why it is good that it is over. You can still be friends, but accept it isn't meant to be more than that because someone else out there will fulfill all parts of a relationship and bring you so much more love and happiness. You just need to wait to find that person.

    Try to be happy for your ex. They have found happiness with a new person, and that is a good thing. Be happy that he/she is happy. And happiness will find you.

  2. Stop referring to them as your Significant Other. They're not any more.

  3. That was so super confusing to read. Honestly, there's nothing that you can do other than let time ease the pain or try another sport. They don't owe you anything so it's not like you can try and make them make things easier for you.